ABOUT ME   eng/pl, INTP, 5w4/4w5??? virgo ! i prefer it/its but he/him is also great ^^
i use neopronouns (full list)
my special interest is txt :3 i'm an author on kprofiles! (currently inactive) i listen to anything.
i like a lot of genres outside of kpop but due to my fixation on txt, kpop is what i mostly listen to

  LIKES   otters jellyfish penguins seals, drawing, minecraft, music, aquariums, winter, cold weather, swimming, collecting, sweets, sinjin drowning, papas games, sims 4, photography, decorative socks, fiction, yoyos, gifs :3
  DISLIKES   spiders, bugs, fanwars, sound of chewing, marzipan

  BYF   sometimes use tone tags, mostly talk about txt + kpop, i'm slow at replying to dms, make kms/kys jokes (tell me if uncomfy), use caps a lot, dry sometimes (sorry), bad at initiating convos

  DNFI   transphobic, ableist, racist, zionist, homophobic, proship, anti my ults, doesn't hold faves accountable, solo stans that hate on other members (unless problematic), ship real people, support problematic people

help this is lwk a mess....... sorry!

txt hyuka ot5 svt ot13 dino? cheol? 😭 (idk man my svt bias changes every minute) bnd woonhak myungjae ot6 lsfm eunchae piwon jiung
faves !
ateez ot8 jongho hongjoong (g)i-dle shuhua yuqi tws 8turn yoonsung riize anton ot7 kiof xikers seeun yujun
soloists !
kim sejeong yena chung ha hwang minhyun park jihoon
rv joy nct renjun ive wony tbz xdh kep1er hiyyih zb1 hao gyuvin yujin ricky ot9 enha jungwon nmixx lily kyujin fromis jiheon aimers woo!ah! artms nwjns twice jeongyeon stayc yoon bts jin hobi aespa itzy chaeryeong triples skz &team fifi aran ampers&one tiot